While walking on the beach in Key West with his dog Norman, founder and illustrator Steve had an idea while picking up trash that washed ashore. Could we find a way to recycle some of this litter and make a product from it? The answer, we are very excited to say, is an enthusiastic yes!

Say hello to Skiff Dogs: our newest men's swimwear brand by the team you know (and hopefully love!) at Bird Dog Bay and the King Street Brand Family. They feature hand drawn illustrations and are made from recycled marine plastic. In fact, each pair of trunks uses 10 plastic bottles, upcycled from the ocean. Plus, we donate a portion of our proceeds to the Coral Restoration Foundation™, dedicated to protecting and restoring our reefs. You're helping our nautical neighbors just by getting a pair! We could go on on about the great features of our new swimwear, but we say dive in and see for yourself - the water's fine!